The Tzadik Shall Live by his Faith – Part 2

You and I have been called to a life of faith, a life that is lived in Messiah Yeshua. We have been called to mature so that we might be the Sons and Daughters that are ready to inherit a kingdom. Yet, many have chosen to walk down the road of compromise. In this teaching Yosef shows that there is more to the message of the Melchezadek than many are teaching and that there is a grave danger if we are only looking at one part of this fuller message.

Abba Father is looking for children that will mature and grow up into the head who is Messiah Yeshua so that they may portray the glory of their Father in the same manner as Yeshua did while He walked this earth.


Furthermore, Yosef shows the deep connection between the 144-000 and the friends of the bride chamber. Many today are unaware that there is more than one group in heaven. Do you desire to just be saved or do you desire to be one that will help prepare the way for the coming King as friends of the bridegroom? Those who will be called friends of the groom will know the importance of counting the cost. Will you be one??



Shalom – Yosef

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