Friends of the Bridegroom

She is not ready. Her bridal gown still on its hanger. Her shoes unboxed, and her mind wonders how she can do it all alone. They enter the room, and with their presence comes a greater sense of purpose and peace. She stares in wonder, as they ready her gown, her gifts, her shoes and...

November 9, 2018November 9, 2018by

The Just Shall Live by their Faith

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Fear and uncertainty have many gripped. Yet there are others who are boldly advancing the Kingdom of Yeshua. What side do you stand on? Are you waiting for a sign to know that the end is near or are you praying to be a sign to a...

August 29, 2015August 29, 2015by

Pillars of Inheritance

It is always darkest just before the Day dawns – Thomas Fuller Four hundred years of chaos filled the eyes, ears and earth right before the man building the boat. While the darkness stood thick around him, he preached from the overflow within him. Noah, the righteous man in his generation, we can only imagine...

June 28, 2015June 28, 2015by

Are Your Garments Oiled??

This is a continuation of my previous article entitled “losing what you have.” In that article YHVH laid very heavily on my heart, two specific scriptures which at that time I believe, I only had half the message. My aim with this paper is to share with you the other half of what He has...

January 25, 2014January 25, 2014by