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All About Aliyah

  • Aliyah has B.A degree in Psychology and English, she continued her studies in the area of criminology, thereafter she obtained an honours in divinity and a Masters degree in divinity. Her masters work was ground breaking, as it addressed a topic not spoken about before – the reality of abuse in the lives of affluent South African women, regardless of race. Half of her thesis was dedicated to researching the work of the church in the lives of abused women and how the church should take a more active role in leading healing for abuse.
  • She worked as a non- profit woman abuse counsellor for a crisis centre, and became a woman abuse campaign leader. She led campaigns against women abuse at hospitals, in shopping malls and organised events and breakfasts with key speakers addressing these issues from 2009 to 2012.
  • She appeared in a woman abuse documentary by the South African Faith and Family Institute, in the capacity of an ordained minister speaking out against abuse within the Christian church, a topic at the fore of our present-day reality.
  • She has worked with human trafficking for 4 years, helping at a safe house and performing poetry at events about human trafficking. Even performing at the Kings and Queens of Africa Summit in 2014, her poetry focuses largely on women’s issues. Her first poetry book published in 2014, featured a collection of poems about women, human trafficking and abuse. A number of human trafficking survivors and rape survivors have used her poetry in their talks, including rape survivor Alison Botha.
  • She was a woman abuse researcher for the South African Faith and Family Institute, researching and documenting abuse within the bible. She was commissioned to write about white women’s experiences of domestic violence within the South African context.
  • Aliyah has a huge heart for gendercide in China and has worked feverishly to raise awareness through writing many articles across media publications, and she organised Cape Towns first Gendercide in China conference in 2014. Through that conference she raised awareness and funds for non – profit organisation All Girls Allowed (based in China) and their fight against gendercide.
  • That year she mobilised 12 women across the globe who shared their stories of pain and salvation in a book, which they sold. All the funds were donated to Open Doors to support their female education program in Egypt, as well as All Girls Allowed China.
  • Aliyah was ordained as a Messianic Minister in 2014, she co-found and co-leads treasured Inheritance Ministry where she teaches the Bible and focuses on empowering, discipleship and outreach work since 2009. Her passion is the nations and for the broken, and hurting of this world who need a touch from Yeshua.
  • Aliyah frequently speaks at conferences worldwide, and she teaches at small groups about issues relating to women and equality in theology since 2009.
  • Since 2011, she has been a full-time social justice journalist. Her work has covered female ritual servitude (which she researched on a ministry trip to Ghana in 2014), human trafficking, FGM, women abuse, child brides and equality. Her articles appear in magazines, on blogs, in journals, digital magazines, anthologies, prayer guides and in curriculum.
  • Her first full length book was Yehudit Chosen by God (Lux Verbi 2016), a historical novel which brought to life Judith from the apocrypha. This book won the prestigious Desmond Tutu-Gerrit Brand Award 2017, for its and I quote from the judges “it’s strong, non-threatening, direct way it addresses justice issues for women. Showing that women were leaders and judges from the very beginning.”
  • Her latest book Shelamzion Queen of Israel (September 2018), is one of the first of its kind, as it brings to life the story of the neglected and overlooked, only legitimate queen who ruled over Israel just before Yeshua’s birth. Her heart with this work, is to show that women were leaders right from the beginning, and that women should be given that space.
  • In 2010, Yosef and Aliyah wrote a book addressing the misunderstood passages of scripture relating to women in the New Testament, so as to present a fuller picture of scripture with relation to women. They have taught this book to many at conferences and through their own ministry and on their weekly radio show.
  • In 2017, Aliyah funded and organised the first of its kind exhibition in Cape Town. She photographed 12 women and dressed them up as historical women, so as to bring their stories to life. This exhibition included women like Hatshepsut, Boudica, Nellie Bly, Mrs Churchill, Rhoda, Judith, Ada Lovelace and many more. The exhibition lasted a whole month and many women and young girls came through the exhibition and were taught how much their stories matter as women. Aliyah has been empowering women and encouraging them to believe in their stories for over a decade now, it’s the passion of her heart. She works alongside NGO’s and within the media sphere of influence, to create awareness on women’s issues globally.

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All About Yosef

Yosef has a testimony of salvation and deliverance that will captivate and inspire you. Saved from a life of drug abuse, prison and homelessness, he now dedicates his time to full time ministry and the making of disciples.

Yosef graduated in 2010, with a B.A in Bible and Theology through the Assemblies of God. He worked as a student pastor for a community church where he was responsible for preaching, leading a cell group and teaching the word of God.

Yosef held an associate pastoral position for a few years before coming into the Hebraic roots of the faith. He co- found Seeking Truth in Torah ministry (now Treasured Inheritance Ministry) with his wife Aliyah in 2009, in his final year of pastoring.

In 2006, Yosef worked as a social worker for Boys Town Western Cape, mentoring young juveniles struggling with school and social problems. His work extended to drug abuse counselling and sharing his testimony of drug deliverance in schools, churches and on radio.

In 2011 through to 2014, Yosef was the Western Cape Hebraic Roots Yeshiva co-Ordinator and taught various accredited Yeshiva schools in the Western Cape. Yosef led five classes a week across the Cape and shared about the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith to the many families, youth, couples and individuals who joined the classes.

From 2009 to 2011, Yosef committed himself to mentorship with a Messianic leader in Israel, who further equipped him to understand the word and be a leader of truth and good character.

In 2014, Yosef appeared on different radio stations in South Africa sharing his testimony of deliverance and salvation, with the hope that his story can encourage parents to continue the spiritual fight for their children’s souls. In that same year, Yosef was a guest on Sky Religious television network and radio, in Tokoradi Ghana.

In 2014, Yosef was ordained as a messianic minister and has dedicated his time to global outreach and teaching. Producing and creating over 300+ videos for Treasured Inheritance Ministry and its audience, while travelling to share the word of Yeshua. His heart is for mentoring, discipleship and leadership training for the global body of Messiah. He speaks frequently at festivals, conferences and around the globe sharing the end – time message of preparation and repentance.

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