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In 2009 Yosef and Aliyah launched their first blog, from a tiny room in their home. A place to casually share their Bible learnings with the world, the blog was called Seeking Truth in Torah and reflected their journey in to the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith. It began as an extension of the pastoring work Yosef was involved in, as well as the counselling work Aliyah was doing. Within a few months they started a weekly class with a hand full of attendees, where the Bible was taught.
Two years later, Yosef and Aliyah were teaching 5 classes a week and hosting gatherings for the festivals. It was then where Seeking Truth in Torah evolved in to a ministry, a ministry with a heart for training, discipling and building up others with the truth of Gods word. Yosef graduated with his degree in theology and Aliyah finished up her master’s degree and both were ordained as ministers. During this time, a raging fire was lit in both Aliyah and Yosef, a fire to share the Bible with the nations of this world! So after 3 years of teaching, they left class teachings and set out on outreach mission trips.
Yosef and Aliyah

Yosef and Aliyah

We are a husband and wife team called to prepare a people for the soon return of Messiah. We believe that we have been called to be part of the commonwealth of Israel making us citizens of the Kingdom of YHVH by Faith in His Son Yeshua. However, that does not mean that we are to live as we please. We have been blessed with His Ruach that guides us into all truth and teaches us the difference between the holy and the profane as we walk out the Torah of YHVH in our every day lives. We believe that we have all been called to live a life of maturity and to move from being a believer into a true disciple. We believe that this can only be achieved once a true understanding of who we are is taught and accepted. Yeshua through His death and resurrection opened the way for each and everyone of us to be included in His eternal plan, an thereby enter into the family by faith and each of us has the right to mature and become a True Son or Daughter of Inheritance. We teach the Message of Adoption and Inheritance as well as the Message to the Remnant of YHVH in this generation. May all that is posted here speak to your heart Mat 28:19” Therefore, go and make taught ones of all the nations

Latest Teachings

iPod? iPad? Try iPray…

BE HOLY – Learning to live Set-apart

BE HOLY – Learning to live Set-apart

Categories: Spiritual Maturity
December 4, 2020

Yosef takes a look at Exodus 19 and the importance of pursuing a walk of holiness. Now more than ever we have been called to be set apart unto YHWH so that He might be revealed through us to a dying and decaying generation. Israel was called to be a kingdom of Priests through whom YHWH would show the world that He is the one true Elohim. His desire has not changed. Are you ready to strive to be Set-Apart?

A Word of Encouragement – Hagar the Slave

A Word of Encouragement – Hagar the Slave

Categories: Woman and Gender
November 24, 2020

Today's teaching is a word of encouragement from the heart of God. Hagar the slave lived a life of invisibility and harshness. Oppressed and abused, she took to the deserted road, her belly swollen, her heart empty. She dropped to her knees at the road side in despair and then an angel appeared with the deciding question. Where are you coming from? And most certainly, where are you going? There's a Hagar in all of us, and the question remains, what's behind you dear one? And what's in your future? Listen in for a stirring word of encouragement.

Noah the Tzadik – As in the days of Noah

Noah the Tzadik – As in the days of Noah

Categories: The Final Remnant
November 14, 2020

Yeshua speaking to His disciples in Matthew 24 tells them that the last days will be as the days of Noah. Many have studied the days of Noah in relation to the wickedness and immorality. However what if Yeshua was hinting to something more than just the state of the wicked? What if He was wanting them to remember the life and person of Noah and strive to become a person of righteousness just like Him.

Surviving this Generation

Surviving this Generation

Categories: Coffee Break
November 8, 2020

While the days grow darker, and the light gets snuffed out, it’s time for intimacy and connection with Yahweh. This week, Yosef and Aliyah take a deep look at Abraham and his continual walk with the Most High. A walk that was far from conventional, a walk where God was always showing up, in the desire of Intimacy and nearness. This week is a deep and rich time of fellowship. Join us!

King Cyrus and Isaiah’s Prophecies

King Cyrus and Isaiah’s Prophecies

Categories: Bible Bites
November 1, 2020

In the book of Isaiah, an unknown king is prophesied to come. His name is Cyrus, and his reign was foretold 150 years before it would happen. Through the chapters of Isaiah 44 and 45, Yahweh declared that King Cyrus would become a liberator for Israel and a shepherd of a vast empire. But was this prophecy fulfilled? And what does history teach us about Yahweh's divine words in the book of Isaiah? This teaching delves deep in to the Persian Empire, Cyrus and Isaiah's prophecies.

The 144-000, The Keys of the Kingdom

The 144-000, The Keys of the Kingdom

Categories: The Final Remnant
October 18, 2020

In this 4th part of the 144-000 teaching Yosef expounds on Revelation 3 by taking a look at the congregation of Philadelphia and what exactly is the ‘key of David”? He also explains the truth of binding and loosing as it relates to obedience. Join Yosef as he expounds on this and more in this teaching.

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Florida USA

I have been following this ministry since the days of Seeking Truth in Torah. I have seen it grow into what it is today and seen how both Yosef and Aliyah has been transformed. Their hearts for others is what drew me here and kept me coming back. They both serve the body with passion and love and are not afraid to say what needs to be said. Aliyah’s Proverbs 31 teaching has been one that i often return to and study over and over. One thing you will find on this site besides the love and commitment to Yah’s people is biblical truth. Both Yosef and Aliyah walk in the spirit of Yah and proclaim the message of righteousness and holiness that is missing from many congregations today.

South Africa

“We are familiar with this ministry since Sukkot 2016. They impacted our lives immeasurably with their ministry and way of teaching. Our family respects and values them as mentors and friends in Yeshua. The Coffee Break Hour and teachings on the website enrich our understanding of topics covered and we love their choice of music. We bless you in the Name of Yeshua. Pieter, Marisa and daughters.”

Texas - USA

In just 4 months of connecting with this ministry, Yahweh has radically changed my heart and given me a desire to walk in holiness. Yosef and Aliyah are the example of what it means to walk in covenant.  Their compassion and dedication to walk in obedience to (the) Torah has gripped my heart and shown me that it IS possible to keep progressing into maturity. Discipleship is the heart of this ministry.  Yosef’s teaching on the Covenants is my favourite so far.  I never learned any if this in 35 years of going to church. Through their loving kindness, the teachings, Coffee Break and the Bible reading group; my life is being transformed into the likeness of my Abba.
Thank you Yosef and Aliyah!