The Tzadik shall Live by his Faith – Part 1

The world was dark, wickedness flourished on street corners and even as the prophet Habbakuk cried out for the people of YHVH to repent, there was little remorse, little heed to the prophets words. Then the word of YHVH came to Habakkuk, words that told of days to come. The Chaldeans would descend upon the nation and they would be used to carry out judgment on Elohim’s wayward people. Yet, for those who remained pure, those who were called righteous, the promise for them was hope, the promise that “the righteous shall live by his faith.”


In this teaching Yosef takes a look at these words, these words of warning and promise and he relates them to our present world of darkness and how they relate to those called “tzadik” today. He parallels the lives of Noah, the righteous and Lot, the man who was happy to stop at a certain salvation and not progress further. This teaching is part one in this series and we are looking forward to sharing it with you.




With Shalom Yosef

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