Rethinking Mary Magdalene

One thousand four hundred years ago, a french pope stood at a pulpit and preached a selfish sermon that would forever mar the identity of one of Yeshua’s most faithful followers.

Due to the content of his sermon, a woman named Mary Magdalene whom the scripture tells us was a woman of means, a woman of faith and substance, was marginalised. Her contribution, her identity and even her real name was discarded beneath the cruel story that assigned her as the sinful woman in Luke 7. But if we dig in to the Biblical text, the truth is far deeper and more apparent. Mary Magdalene was never a prostitute, instead she was a woman called, a woman changed and charged. It is time to rethink Mary Magdalene and who she really was. In this teaching, I take you in to the biblical text and show you from scripture, who she was and how her example speaks to us today.




Blessings Aliyah bat Yisrael

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