The Final Remnant-Legends of the Faith, Messengers of the Covenant, Judges of YHVH. – Part 4

This is part 4 of a series entitled, The Final Remnant- Legends of the Faith. I urge you to listen to part one to 3 before you take the time to listen to this teaching.


We have been called to overcome and to be a testimony of our King. Many have chosen the road of compromise over the narrow path that leads to life. Why is holiness the key to our maturity? What has the message of Elijah the Final Remnant the 144-000 and the two witnesses all got in common?


We are living in exciting times where those who have eyes to see are seeing and those who are deaf will remain deaf unless they choose to repent. May this teaching challenge you to be a set-apart servant of Yeshua that knows how to correctly handle the holy things of your God. You have been called to a life of maturity! Will you heed the call to abandon all fear and serve your King with all your heart?




With Shalom In Yeshua- Yosef ben Avraham


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