Journey with Me – an Invitation to Journey with Yeshua

There is nothing that draws us in to peace like stillness and silence. When we still our hearts, our ears open and we are able to hear the Still small Voice of Yeshua. In this stillness, we lean and lean deeply. In leaning we breathe in and know we are loved, we hear it. We know we are special, we feel it. We realise in this steady stillness that we were made to know our God and we are made to believe in every promise that He has whispered to our hearts.


This is where our hearts journey and we learn. This little “e-book” is an invitation to journey with Yeshua over 6 journey stops. This is not an article with information in, so if you want the information, this is not for me but if you need to focus and you desire to walk deeper with your King, then this is for you precious friend. I truly pray these words and reflections will bless and you will experience a deepening in your walk with Yeshua. Bless you and Happy Purim!



Shalom in Messiah, Aliyah bat Yisrael

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