Your Love came to me from the Ocean

At the beginning of the week, Hubby and I were blessed with tickets to visit the Titanic Exhibition. The exhibition is an international one, travelling country to country displaying artefacts pulled from the actual wreck. The exhibition guides the visitor through some interesting facts about the ship’s conception, design and building and then it pauses....

December 10, 2015December 10, 2015by

Would you anoint Him?

This morning while worshipping, Yeshua quickened me to the story of Mary and her extravagant gift of worship, when she anointed Yeshua the Saviour of mankind. I sat listening to a song about this anointing and was impacted on many different levels. For some time I have shared much with Yeshua about this anointing and...

April 18, 2014April 18, 2014by

I hear His “Voice” and my Heart is Broken!

“Can aught beneath a power divine The stubborn will subdue? ‘Tis thine, eternal Spirit, thine, To form the heart anew. To chase the shades of death away And bid the sinner live! A beam of heaven, a vital ray, ‘Tis thine alone to give.” My heart is broken and sad as I am led to...

March 6, 2014March 6, 2014by

Anxiety and Peace

There are times in life when the things around us overwhelm us and we find ourselves struggling with anxiety. It is nothing unusual, in fact most of us struggle with anxiety; I know I do.    Sometimes it just feels irresponsible NOT to worry about things, about the family, about life, about EVERYTHING. It feels...

June 20, 2012June 20, 2012by