The Substance – A True Life Story.

As some point in our journey we think back over the course of our lives and question the very substance of it. What are we leaving behind we wonder? Does God even exist and if He does, can He save my soul from the pain of death, the gap of hollowness that lives within? Can...

November 2, 2015November 2, 2015by

Wishing you a Day of Rest – Shabbat Shalom!

Did you know that Sabbath, the wonderful blessing of sanctified rest is also called Yom MeNucha, the day of Rest. Rest. Would anybody like some?As we settle down, worries and cares aside do we feel rest inside, does the day of rest embrace us within, or are we still anxious and worried in our souls?...

October 16, 2015October 16, 2015by

Seeking Truthin Torah Apps

Seeking Truth in Torah has created a free mobile app for your smartphone. Now  you can read our latest post from your device as well as get daily pictures,read the bible(Religion tab)  using the audio bible app which is embedded in Seeking Truth in Torah Mobile app. Simply sign in and all your previous bookmarks...

April 21, 2015April 21, 2015by

Audio Visual Teachings

Please note that the Audio Visual Teachings have been moved to a separate page on this site. Please refer to the Tab “Audio Visual Teachings” at the top of this site. Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube Channel to get the latest teachings. If you have subscribed to Seeking Truth in Torah via the...

April 19, 2015April 19, 2015by

The Butterfly Event – Outreach

This passed weekend we were incredibly blessed to share our day with other believers. As part of Yeshua’s call to us, we held the flag out to support the 16 Days of Activism against Women Abuse.Come along and hear about The Butterfly Event, an event birthed in Yeshua’s heart and made a reality this weekend!We...

December 10, 2014December 10, 2014by

Ghana Mission Trip July 2014

Shalom All! We have returned from our trip to Ghana. Yeshua is so good and we give Him all the Glory and all the Praise for what He did in us and with the people while we spent a short time with them. We have shared a complete testimony and photos of our time in...

July 31, 2014July 31, 2014by

The Gift of Life Official Book Launch

The long awaited Gift of Life book launch is finally here! Visit our home page and click on Aliyah’s Publications to read reviews and how to order.  Aliyah will be interviewed on Messianic Radio this month to discuss this neglected topic and its importance for the body of Messiah, details will be posted. You don’t...

February 13, 2014February 13, 2014by