As some point in our journey we think back over the course of our lives and question the very substance of it. What are we leaving behind we wonder? Does God even exist and if He does, can He save my soul from the pain of death, the gap of hollowness that lives within? Can He save me from addiction, death, prison or even depression?

My life took its own substance path in what was supposed to be the most carefree years of my life. I was bound by the chains of a life I desperately needed saving from. At the turn of my story is the encountering of a substance called Faith. I encountered the Man with the Holes in His Hands big enough to hold my pain and past. He touched my life and saved my soul and I will never be the same. It is my hope that through sharing my story, you too will encounter the Redemption that only Messiah Yeshua can give. You are never too far away that you cannot be saved, or too bad that His Loving Grace can’t heal your pain. This is my story….. 

To watch this testimony please click this linkThe Substance – Video.


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