Female Psalmists in the Scriptures

The book of Psalms contains some of the most moving passages of scripture in the Bible. The writers of the Psalms are often noted in the very beginning, and a large portion of the psalms are attributed to king David. In Hebrew, psalms are known as Tehillim, and the word tehillim means songs of praise, music or worship. On a broader scale, tehillim appear throughout the Bible not just in the book we call Psalms, and to these “other” tehillim, we will move in this study. There are so many beautiful songs of glory and praise that fall outside of this book, that we can miss them if we are only looking for them in one place.

Moving beyond the book of Tehillim, we find the songs of women offered up in the pages of our Bibles. Some of these songs contain some of the most profound truths presented in the scriptures and are some of the oldest songs we have from biblical times. Some of these songs formed the basis of a number of David’s own Psalms and are regarded by some scholars, as masterpieces of literature. So let us dig in to the richness of these female hearts and hear what they teach us about ourselves, about women in history and about Yahweh’s love for His daughters. 


Blessings, Aliyah bat Yisrael

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