Radio Broadcast – 17 July, Defending the Faith and Rejecting what’s Fake

In this evenings broadcast, Yosef and Aliyah discussed what it means to defend the faith. Beginning with the question of “What is the faith?” Yosef dug deeply in to the dire need of the Ruach Hakodesh in this prophesied time of history, as evidenced by the story of Elijah, the little boy and his mother. We looked at the Ezekiel prophecy of the dry bones and it’s reviving work in creating the vast army of God, as well as the mysterious scene of Elijah stretching out three times over a littles boy body. This broadcast is rich in unpacking scripture, the remnant and the walk of holiness which rejects all that is contrary to the word of YHVH and His truth!



Enjoy! Yosef & Aliyah

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