So you say the Law Is not For You!

  More and more today people say that there is no  way that anyone can keep Torah. Why keep that Old Testament stuff is another reply. Most people assume that the problem at Sinai was the laws YHVH gave to Israel, that these laws were flawed and that Yeshua came to abolish or annul them. But again like...

March 27, 2013February 20, 2018by

Does YHVH set conditions on His free Gift of Eternal Life?

  As i have been studying the book of Revelation more in detail over the past few months and come to see that YHVH desires a Holy People and a chosen generation and a Kingdom of Priests, I have come to see that so many well meaning people who think that all they need to...

November 12, 2012February 20, 2018by

By Whose Authority?

Essentially the issue of the calendar is both a spiritual and historical one. To understand the calendar we have to first understand the history behind the modern day Jewish calendar. In the following study we will take a look at the historical development of the modern day Jewish calendar. We will also journey and ask...

October 7, 2012February 20, 2018by

What is True Freedom?

The music ended and the Pastor stood up to preach his sermon. He opened his Bible. “Brothers I am here to share with you what true Grace is” “For the word of God says that whom the Son has set free is free indeed”. Everyone in the church said Amen. Truth be told that we...

September 9, 2012February 20, 2018by

Proclaiming the Gospel of Yeshua

  Most of us that have attended Church would have heard this said to them some time or another, “the gospel is simple”. Is this really true? Is the gospel simply the message of the “good news”? Is it that Yeshua came to earth to pay the price of our sins? Or is there something...

May 23, 2012February 20, 2018by

Understanding that the Torah is YHVH's guidelines to live a Holy Life!

Just this past week I found myself in a heated debate with a gentleman who said the following. “The Law of God is a curse and we need nothing more then the Grace of Jesus Christ in this life” To a degree I agree with him in that we can do nothing “no good work”...

April 6, 2012April 6, 2012by

Returning the Torah to its Rightful Place

Today as I was sitting so many things were entering my mind as YHVH spoke to me about this world that we live in. We live in a time where there is no regard for the sanctity of life. Morals have been forgotten and values no longer taught within our education systems. We live in...

February 9, 2012February 20, 2018by