New Testament Heroes of the Faith Series, Epaphras the Praying Leader

Shalom Beloved!On Thursday last week I popped on down to the grocery store, and was met with a beautiful Yeshua – Moment of truth. Granted, I was tired and did not feel like the busyness of the shops but I ran in, grabbed my goods and came straight out. As I walked out of the...

March 1, 2015March 1, 2015by

Jabez the Man and his Prayer

For some time the following truth about Jabez has been on my heart. For many, the prayer of Jabez is a prayer for financial blessing and prosperity, but is this the real story? Is this the truth? Others claim Jabez just wanted more land, but is THIS the truth? The truth about Jabez and his...

July 14, 2012February 20, 2018by