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Treasured Inheritance Ministry – Fund

Treasured Inheritance Ministry – Fund

$ 2500

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As a faith based ministry we set out to raise a amount each year to help us to continue the work of the ministry and to expand on what we do. By giving to this fund you are helping us reach the nations as well as helping us to cover the many hidden costs we incur each month. Our goal is to produce teachings that are free for everyone, however in order to do that we have to have a website, software to broadcast as well as the necessary elements to make our videos. Things like server costs, domain name, adobe stock images as well as month to month costs for things like Mixlr etc all cost money. You’re once of or monthly donation helps us to cover all these costs and continue to focus on the work of the ministry as well as produce videos of the highest quality. Not only this but your donations are used to present material for the less fortunate that are not able to watch YouTube or use the internet. Such material requires printing which in turn costs money.

We are grateful for each and every person that gives to this ministry, however we are also aware that time are difficult and that for many its not easy to give. So we ask that you prayerfully consider a donation and ask Abba Father how you can give a faith promise. Stewardship as well as tithing and offering is a biblical principal, it is our duty to ask YHWH were we are to give and then to commit to doing it by faith.

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