February 17, 2020

Eve’s Daughters

Eve’s Daughters

Blindly as women, we have not always known why we are so attacked, oppressed and hated. A simple look at the earth, and the statistics around women abuse, human trafficking, gendercide, child brides, rape and more, reveal that there is a war being fought against women. Believe it or not, women are the most oppressed face of humanity, and know this, if the enemy of humankind is deliberately launching an onslaught against a single individual or even a group of individuals, it is because he is threatened by them. The enemy won’t waste his time on someone who is insignificant. Women matter from the garden!

The first step is to recognise why the devil hates you. The second is to understand how you can overcome, and use your giftings for the Kingdom. Each of these truths are found in this teaching. The devil has blindsided women and hidden the truth of who they are, this teaching is a fiery call, prophetic declaration of truth for the women of Yeshua today. You will not leave unchanged, this is a battle cry and a serving of truth for the heart of women.


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