May 9, 2021

Arise and go to the Father

Arise and go to the Father

The prodigal son, his belly aching and his fingers caked with dirt, he travelled the dusty road towards his father’s house. Half way towards his familiar family home, a figure was running towards him. He recognised its form, could it be his father? He hoped it was, yet shame gripped his heart, what would he say? What would his father do?

This familiar parable focuses on the lost son and his return home. Yet, in this weeks broadcast, Aliyah unpacks the message ofThis son, but with attention turned to the father, our Father. A message of compelling hope and love, this attribute of mercy Is unpacked! Yosef turns his attention to the attributes of Yahweh’s Justice and righteousness. With a close look at scriptures throughout the sermon on the mount and the Psalms, a new picture of Justice emerges, one at odds with the worlds understanding of this often abused word.

Join us for the new Restoration Hour, a time to allow the Spirit of Yeshua to flow and the Word to change and touch our hearts and lives.

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