I have written this paper as a request from a dear friend. More and more today as many are turning to their Hebraic roots, friends family and church members, have begun to throw scripture after scripture at them to prove that what they believe is incorrect. As I have stated many times before they always seem to run to the Apostle Paul (Rabbi Sha‟ul) to build their argument. It is not my intention in this paper to point to those scriptures but instead to help those who have found the truth to be better prepared for what might be asked later in there walk.

One item of Jewish life has really been misunderstood by those in the church for a long time, and it is that of the Tallit (Prayer Shawel). Many have no idea of its spiritual significance or that Rabbi Yeshua wore one while he was on earth doing the will of His Father.

My aim with this paper is to look at a few incorrectly interpreted passages within most English translations and to show you the Hebrew words behind it and in so doing hopefully prove to you that Yeshua and Paul would of worn a tallit.

Please take the time to read the full article by clicking the following link: The Tallit and Paul the so called Tent Maker

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