Who was Rahab Really ?

It’s the story preachers love to preach about. A harlot woman forgiven through selflessness and included in to the lineage of the Messiah. The ultimate picture of redemption, books have been written about it and many a lesson taught and inspiration drawn from this Canaanite woman in the doomed city of Jericho, but is it really the truth? Was the faithful Rahab really a harlot, a prostitute given to an immoral lifestyle but redeemed through belief? Or was she someone entirely different? This video is a teaching with a message for all of us doubting our destiny, or yearning for faith. Aliyah takes us into the city of Jericho on to a roof top where flax covered spies and mercy descended on a city doomed to destruction, right there where grace came for Rahab and forever changed her story.


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