Gatekeepers – The Protectors of His Presence, Part 1

Biblical history tells the ongoing story of valiant individuals, who stood in the congregation and protected the presence and honour, the very glory of the Great I Am. These individuals were known as gatekeepers, the ones who stood watch at the gates with zeal and passion. When Pinchas stood up and protected the glory of YHWH, he became the very first type of gatekeeper. His ardour for YHWH restored the glory of the Almighty to the camp and it stopped death from further taking lives. It was an event that instituted a divine reality, and service that would continue for generations. In this teaching, Yosef outlines the role and work of the gatekeepers, with a deep and fascinating look at some of the well-known names who were gatekeepers in the scriptures. He also looks at the role of gatekeepers today and how this particular calling is missing but needed in the body. This teaching dives deep in to the heart of holiness, righteous and what it means to truly be living with a passion for Yeshua’s presence.