Laodicea & The Messy – Antics

What is happening today in the body of Messiah, has been prophesied from old. Because they did not love the truth they will believe the lies. More and more as believers embrace their Hebraic heritage they seem to fall in love with all things Jewish and slowly drift from there first love. The pursuit of knowledge supersedes the desire for holiness and intimacy with the lover of their souls.

In this teaching Yosef takes a look at the current state of the Messianic Movement and shows the similarities between the congregation of Laodicea and many Messianic congregations today. He also takes a look at a false teaching that Yeshua is the Torah in the flesh and shows the that testimony of the Apostles proves otherwise. Because of a false understanding of what the Torah is and who Yeshua is many today are denying that He is the Messiah. Where do you stand in all this?