The Kavod of YHWH – A People of His Presence!

Isaiah 60 says that there will be thick darkness upon the earth and think darkness over the people, but that the Glory of YHWH would rise upon His children. You and I are alive in days of darkness where the world does not know the one true Elohim. Yet it is in this time that Yeshua said His faithful would do far greater works then Him. If we truly want to do the works of Yeshua we need to learn to be a people of His Presence. We need to learn what it means to live in the fullness of the Presence of YHWH. In this teaching, Yosef explains what it really means to live a life that reflects the character of the one who saved you. Will you choose to walk in the ways of Yeshua so that the Glory of YHWH might be revealed through your life?



Shalom in Yeshua – Yosef ben Avraham

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