Radio Broadcast – 28 August, “What is the Fear of God?”

In this weeks broadcast, Aliyah and Yosef looked at one aspect that peaked through in last weeks Torah portion Eikev. Namely, the aspect of fear. While the Torah tells us to “fear God and love Him,” there is a difference between having an unhealthy fear of YHWH and a healthy reverential awe and wonder at Him. How do we understand the difference between an unhealthy fear and an ordained awe? They also examined the words of perfect love found in first John and how it speaks both of Yeshua’s Love, but also of a love we need to mature in to, in our walk with Yeshua our Messiah.

This week’s broadcast deals with the heart of the matter and will hopefully encourage you as you walk with the Father in the perfection of His unending Love.


Blessings, Yosef & Aliyah

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