Radio Broadcast – 21 August, The Charge of Joshua

This weeks broadcast was a message of encouragement for the faithful believers of Messiah. No matter where you are running in the race of life, Father says He has you and He will use your gifts and your talents, as you surrender to Him. Yosef spoke about the charge to Timothy, the command to fan in to flame the gift of YHVH that was in his life. This same charge applies to us today, may our fires not go out but burn brightly! Aliyah shared a message from Deuteronomy/Devarim 3 verse 28, the commission given to Joshua (Yehoshua) is the same commission given to us today from the mouth of Yeshua. The commission of Joshua, came with great encouragement and with strength, so too Yeshua our Messiah encourages us and uplifts us in the tasks we are called to fulfill in Him.



In Him, Aliyah & Yosef

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