Chag Sameach!

Chanukah is here and what an exciting season we are in! Now is the time to rededicate and to cleanse our lives and hearts so that we may better serve our God and King Yeshua.
I have put together an exciting thought provoking article on the lesser known men and women of Chanukah. Although the five Maccabean brothers frequently dominate the mind when it comes to this feast, truth be told that many men and women left behind blazing trails of legacy which each of us should examine. 

May your heart be stirred through their righteous examples and may this time of year be a special one. Let’s celebrate the joy of knowing that we are the temples of the God of Israel and He is not seeking white – washed tombs rather He is seeking purified, cleansed lives and heart altars. Are you up to the task?

To read about these men and women of faith click the following link:
 Feast of Dedication 


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