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Praying TogetherSubmitted By: Yosef ben Avraham
Lets all pray for this ministryclosed by administrator.
Testing , schooling and preserveranceSubmitted By: Anonymous
I realised that my family is going through a period of testing and sometimes I feel like Job. For my work for YHWH and YAHSHUA I have to learn a lot, but the hardest part is to see that my family is under attack all the time. It seems so hard and even unfair. My daughter lost her job , my son is stuck with the same boring job, and they both have not recovered from the shock of the suicide of their father. My second husband is an old age nurse, but is neither copying with his sick father nor with my sick father making the living and home situation very hard. I need comfort and new strenghth so as to be good middle woman between all concerning sides. My daughter now needs a new job, a new place to stay and although my son is helping her, they are struggling with the task. My husband has no good news about his father, but seems to be calmer about the situation. His bloodpressure is still very high. My father is much calmer and I am really getting on with work for our precious LORD. HalleluYAH. Glory to HIS name.I want to thank everyone who has prayed for me and my family. I am sure that our GOD YHWH is a sovereign god and that HE will provide for each one who prayed for us and HE will provide for my family and mes and bring us out of this trial. Be blessed and thank you .
Breaking addictionSubmitted By: Leon Meyer
Dear brothers and sisters, I have decided to fast for 21 days from the 10th of March until Passover. This will be a prayerful fast for the breaking of the hold of cigarette addiction over my life. I have been smoking since I was 15 years old and have never really been able to give it up. After my last fast of 40 days I quit smoking for 2 months but returned to it as a dog to its vomit. I will also be praying for those friends and family members who have not deepened their walk with Father God. I thank you for your prayers and with Father's strength, Yeshua's faith and your prayers, coupled with my determination this time I will be delivered and the wicked one will be defeated. I would also like to be able to pray for you and anyone is welcome to contact me should they have any requests. Shalom and many many blessings, LeonDear fellow disciples, watchmen and prayer warriors, I would like to thank each and every one of you who prayed for me to break the curse of addiction over me. In anticipation for the the pouring out of Father's Spirit, upon all flesh, in these last days I strongly believe that we are NOW to be preparing our vessels to receive that Holy Spirit. The Ruach HaQodesh / Holy Spirit of God cannot dwell in an unclean vessel for it is Holy - Father says that we should be holy because He is Holy. Holiness is required of the believer. If you find yourself still consuming that which Father deemed unclean, polluting your temple with poisons or regularly imbibed NOW is the time to be cleaning your vessel out. During a previous 40 day fast I stopped drinking alcohol completely and have continued in sobriety since. My last 21 day fast leading up to the feast of Passover and Unleavened Bread helped me to stop smoking. You may think it would be too hard, or impossible, for you to stop your polluted / addicted lifestyle but with fasting, humbling yourself before Father, and the fervent prayers of faithful men it can be done. With God all things are possible! I have broken the chains of addiction, not me alone, but with the prayers of saints and the power of the Holy Spirit! Since these two fasts I have also been empowered, by Father, to reach out and tell of my spiritual experiences in letters, reaching many, encouraging them to cleanse their vessels / souls in anticipation for Father's spiritual outpouring. I, along with some other fellow saints, will be engaging in another 14 day, prayerful fast leading up to, and to be broken on Shavuot / Pentecost - The day that the Holy Spirit filled the church following our Messiah's ascension. Even if the Spirit isn't poured out on this specific day we will show to Father, humbly, that we are prepared for the responsibility that He is about to endow upon us, that we are faithful, and that we are prepared to ready ourselves for His reign. Revelation 19:7 says " Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready." This should be what the church is doing at this time; this is what I'll be doing. Thank you to all who prayed for me! God bless you all as you prepare for the marvelous gift of His Spirit. See you all soon in the Heavenly Kingdom. Shalom - Leon