Colene Stovall

$ 100.00 One-time

Hello Yosef and Aliyah,

As I have stated many times in the past, Abba has used this ministry to open my eyes to so many Truths. I have not found any other ministry that teaches what is taught here….specifically about who the Two Witnesses are, who the ‘Gates” are, and being “Protectors of His Presence.” All these and more, have been very profound to me. And even though I keep a different calendar (the Lunar-solar calendar), I still feel very connected to you and your ministry. I feel like I know you personally, even though we have never met in person. (Maybe one day, Abba will make that happen).

On August 20, 2023, just a few weeks ago, my dear mother passed away. She developed pneumonia and was hospitalized, but her lungs never recovered. My heart is so heavy knowing that her caregiver (Victoria) was mistreating and neglecting her. It’s really so hard….. I feel like I could have done more for Mom to help her. I didn’t heed her silent cries for help. Nor did I heed all the red flags that were evidence of the abuse. Her caregiver was very convincing that Mom needed psychiatric help. She was also very intimidating and manipulative. Towards the end, I began to speak up and Victoria began to calm down. But it was too late. Mom was sick for 2 weeks prior to going to the hospital. It is hard not to feel guilty that I could have done more to help her.

It is a real challenge, to say the absolute least, to forgive Victoria. But I am choosing to forgive and release her and let Abba bring justice. I know that’s what Mom would want. She said multiple times while in the hospital that she was praying for The Father to give Victoria a heart of compassion and love for the people she takes care of. But I also know that Father doesn’t take kindly to his children being mistreated and He will bring justice. I know that she is sleeping with all those who have gone on before her, (including my dad and 2 brothers) and I will see her (and them) again soon, at the resurrection and the return of Messiah.

With all that said, I had been putting my tithe into Mom’s account because Scripture says to take care of the widows. Obviously, she no longer needs it, so I have been praying intently for guidance as to where Abba would have me tithe going forward. Since I received your email yesterday, I feel led to give it to T.I.M. I get paid twice a month and I have already given my tithe from my first paycheck this month. And my second check won’t be much because I missed 2 weeks of work due to Mom’s passing and making funeral preparations. So I will probably wait until the beginning of next month and give it all at once. Even so, I want to help you with a little more. It’s not much and my funds are tight as well, but I KNOW Abba will return the blessing. He always does.

You two are very dear to my heart. I love you and will continue to pray for you and the ministry.

In His Love,