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Yosef holds a degree in Bible and Theology and served as a associate Pastor before coming into the Hebraic Roots of his faith. Yosef has a passion to see the Army of YHVH arise in these final days and believes in making true disciples. He has worked as a social worker for a boys rehabilitation centre and has shared his testimony with school children, recovering addicts and in churches internationally.

In 2011 he was selected as the Western Cape Hebraic Roots Institute Yeshiva co-ordinatior and served in that capacity as well as taught various Yeshiva classes until he felt the call of Yeshua, to dedicate his time solely to Treasured Inheritance Ministry. 

In 2014 Yosef was ordained Messianic Minister and serves the body as such. Today together with his wife he is passionate about serving the body of Messiah through Treasured Inheritance Minsitry, by teaching the word of Yeshua to all Nations. He has a new found hobby and passion for video editing and produces the video teachings for Treasured Inheritance Ministry’s YouTube channel. 

You are welcome to listen to his testimony by clicking the button below.

 Yosef’s favorite scripture – 1 Timothy 1:18.

Timothy, my son, here are my instructions for you, based on the prophetic words spoken about you earlier. May they give you the confidence to fight well in the Lord’s battles. 

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Get to Know Us

About Aliyah

It’s about the Heart of Yeshua, nothing else.

To pursue His Lover’s Heart is all that matters, anything less, is not truly living.


Aliyah bat Yisrael is a redeemed child of Yahweh, who loves to know His heart and to share those Heart Beats with others. She holds an uncontainable passion for women’s stories, the hidden stories, the ones no one speaks of or explores. For this reason, she enjoys writing on women in the Bible and bringing their legacies to life. Aliyah has a degree in English Literature and Psychology, with a third major in Criminology, an honours degree in Biblical Counselling therapy and an M.A. in Divinity. Working as a trauma worker and a woman abuse counsellor, she was touched by the lives of so many women facing abuse within their relationships and communities. She has written extensively on the issue of women abuse, both for local and international magazines, in the same vein she wrote her thesis on the reality of abuse in the lives of South African women. Aliyah is “justice focused” and has worked with organisations addressing human trafficking, gendercide, education for women in India, and freedom for child brides globally. Since 2011 she has worked as a freelance writer and has written three published books. Her latest book, a historical novel on the life of Yehudit (Judith) of the apocrypha, was  released in July 2016 and she has since, embarked in script writing for faith – based films to order your copy click the button below.

Treasured Inheritance Ministry is a ministry that exists within the heart of Yeshua and as such, Aliyah loves to write, teach, mentor and speak about the goodness of Messiah through the work of this ministry.

Aliyah was ordained through HTG MRC together with Yosef in 2014 and serves the body as a Messianic Minister.

A scripture that Has guided her through tough times – Isaiah 43: 1 – 2

But now this is what YHWH says – He who created you oh Jacob, He who formed you oh Israel. Fear not, for I have redeemed you, I have summoned you by name you are Mine.”

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